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The ITMA (International Travel Management Alliance)

Local Experts with Global Reach

Our International Travel Management Alliance (ITMA) brings together the power, knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading independently-owned travel management companies. Our approach, built on our local knowledge of the markets we operate in and driven by our commitment to excellence, delivers you the many advantages of a global network as well as the benefits of partnering with the best in the business.

  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Tailored, professional support designed for you
  • Leading edge technology
  • A focus on value-for-money travel management solutions and market leading event management expertise.

These all are part of the International Travel Management Alliance (ITMA) advantage. At the core of our business, overlaying these priorities, is our commitment to you. As the leading, independently owned travel management companies in each of our markets, we provide you with a global network of the support you deserve.

For our ITMA Members, we deliver the advantage of a global alliance of like-minded, independently owned peers. We celebrate our independence and we embrace the many benefits that flow from our Global Alliance for us, and for our customers

All ITMA Members operate on the same GDS platform, Amadeus – this delivers true global access and seamless support.

Our Service

We know the advantage of local expertise, local knowledge and understanding.

We live our commitment to a “can do” attitude.

We know the importance of going the extra mile, every time.

Choosing an ITMA member means you enjoy the dedicated focus of leading travel experts in each of the markets we operate in around the world. Choosing an ITMA member means you reap the rewards of our global reach and negotiating power, supported by market leading technology and personalised support.

You deserve travel management solutions that meet your needs, first time, every time.

You deserve the support of an experienced travel management team whose focus is on streamlining your travel and optimising your travel investment.

You deserve to benefit from global deals, and the support of a global alliance of market leading travel management experts, built on a foundation of independence, service excellence.

You deserve the ITMA advantage.

Our commitment to you:

  • Personal service from experienced people
  • Local expertise
  • Local Knowledge and understanding
  • Total client commitment and focus
  • Individually tailored solutions

  • Consistency
  • Value for money
  • A can-do attitude
  • Dedication to going the extra mile
  • Companies that you can trust

Business Travel


Your Tailored Travel Management Solution

We understand your needs. We say this with confidence because we have built our success by doing just that.

We do it for each of our clients in each of the markets we operate in. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and that you need a tailored travel management approach.

Personalised Service

Our goal, each and every day, is to exceed your expectations. Your dedicated team of experienced consultants bring local knowledge and expertise to the table. As leading travel managers within our markets, we navigate the local landscape for you. We share our knowledge as locals so that you can relax, knowing that you’re benefiting from experiences, expertise and deals only available to a select few.

We proactively support your travel needs; where we can see a better way of achieving your travel objectives, we will let you know.

We celebrate and reward initiative within our teams because we recognise the value of consistency, common sense, and excellent customer service.

Global Travel Value

In addition to enjoying the benefits of partnering with an independently-owned market leader, by choosing an ITMA Member, you enjoy the advantage of our Global Travel Reach. Enjoy the benefit of our negotiation reach which gives you access to market leading deals across air, hotel, cars, rail, insurance and beyond.

Technology That Works For You

We continue to invest in market leading tools and technology to streamline booking, reporting and benchmarking for you. From online booking and travel management systems through to powerful tracking technology, our systems make it even easier for you to see how and where your travel investment is being optimised.

Plus, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge, meaning you benefit from improvements we implement across our clients within our markets and across our global ITMA network.

ITMA Members all utilise the power of Amadeus as our GDS booking platform – in addition to a seamless global platform, this means you enjoy the benefits of Amadeus value-add.

An Effective Travel Policy

A tailored travel policy designed to deliver the flexibility your business requires while achieving your financial objectives is a given. We work with you to create, manage and align your reporting so that you have full, real time oversight of how your travel spend. We proactively share our benchmarking insight so that you benefit from our learning within our market and across our global ITMA network.

Leisure Travel

Of course, we can also help with all your leisure travel needs.

Event Management and Group Travel

Your Bespoke Travel Management Solution

We create events that inspire and that are talked about. From Conferences and Incentive programs through to Awards, themed parties and entirely new experiences, we craft events that stand out.

Incentive and Group Travel

Our ITMA global reach extends our ability to partner with the best, within our markets and across regions. We work with our clients to create and deliver bespoke service for Incentives and Group bookings, taking the stress out of even the most complex of arrangements.

Success lies in meticulous planning.

Successful implementation lies in experience, expertise and partnerships.

Successful event management lies in the confidence that your objectives will be achieved and surpassed, and that we will achieve that on time and on budget.

About Us

10 Feb 2004 --- Transparent Globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What Makes Us Unique

ITMA is an evolution. We share a commitment to excellence and a track record of charting our own course to success. We believe in the power of independence and in aligning ourselves with peers who share our values, and our determination to succeed through surpassing our clients’ expectations, every time.

ITMA is a powerful Alliance that amplifies our capacity to operate and support our clients globally while continuing to provide our award-winning service. ITMA allows us to continue to celebrate and share the advantages of being Independently-owned while benefitting from the economies of scale and negotiating reach inherent in our global Alliance.

ITMA is a network of market-leading travel management experts focussed on continuing to succeed and on having fun while we do so. We believe success is driven by individual commitment to finding the best possible solution each and every time within a culture which celebrates initiative and rewards excellence. We believe that to be the best, we need to always keep learning and that the best way to learn is to widen our knowledge base through partnering with the best in our business.

We believe in transparency within our teams and across our business. We know the power of consistent excellence and we celebrate and reward common sense, initiative and passion in our teams.

Our clients expect us to make a difference. Our commitment is to drive improvements and add value through our expertise while providing support 24/7 with a smile wherever our clients are and what ever it is that they need.

ITMA provides a powerful global platform for us to deliver that commitment on.

Experience the ITMA Advantage

As the world grows smaller, the value of local expertise becomes even more important.

As independently-owned businesses, our Membership of ITMA allows us and our customers the power, reach and seamless support of a global network powered by our shared values and market leading technology.

As market-leading businesses, ITMA provides a platform for sharing innovation, expertise, contacts, and support.

As dedicated travel management experts, ITMA fosters our culture of excellence and our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

As responsible businesses, we believe in working to make the world a better place.

To find out more about unlocking the power of ITMA and your customers by becoming a Member, please contact …..

To experience the ITMA Advantage, partner with your local ITMA Member.

Our Partners

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